Varilux Lenses Explained

At Visioncare Direct Opticians our Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians will recommend to you, spectacle lenses and Lens Finishes based upon your Prescription and Lifestyle.

Visioncare Direct are Exclusive Stockists of Essilor Varilux Lenses. Click on logo for more information on Varifocal lenses.

Single vision lenses have the same optical prescription over the entire area of the lens. Single vision lenses are normally prescribed for Distance vision such as for TV or driving, near vision for reading or Intermediate vision for looking at a computer screen. At Visioncare Opticians all of our frame prices include the cost of single vision lenses.

Varifocal lenses also called progressive or multifocal lenses look the same as single vision lenses with no visible lines. Varifocal lenses are the lenses of choice for correcting sight for patients who require a separate distance Intermediate and near vision. Varifocal lenses have a Gradual change in the prescription from the top of part of the lens, for Driving or TV, to the intermediate portion in the middle of the lens, used for computer use or looking at a car dashboard, to the bottom part of the lens used for reading.

We have three different types of Varifocal lenses, standard, advanced & tailor made. Tailor-made Varifocals being the ultimate Varifocals with the least peripheral distortion. Our Dispensing Staff will guide you through the differences between them.

These lenses react to changing light conditions; they darken when you are outside and become clear indoors. These lenses give 100% UV protection. New generation Transitions XTRActive lenses will also react behind the windscreen of a car, which is not the case with standard Transitions lenses, please ask in store for details.

Reduces reflections and glare, ideal for decreasing halos around lights especially when driving at night.

Thinner & lighter lenses are recommended for patients who have high prescriptions, who normally with standard lenses, have lenses that are thicker and heavier. At Visioncare we have 4 grades of thinner and lighter lenses, bronze, silver, gold & platinum, platinum lenses being the thinnest and lightest of all of the choices.

These are the ultimate lenses for sunglasses, giving protection from UV rays and glare. These lenses are ideal for daytime driving, on the beach, outdoor sports and fishing.

With a Bifocal lens, the upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision such as for TV or driving, while the lower part the Segment, normally a D-segment is used for near vision reading. A visible line separates the segment from the upper part of the lens. Bifocals are normally prescribed for patients who require a separate Distance and near correction.

Lens Options

Find out more about the different lens options. Contact us for if you have any questions.

Makes lenses more resistant to scratching, helps your lenses last longer from small scratches that can impair vision.

Lenses can be tinted to enhance vision, the colour, depth of darkness or lightness and graduation of the tint, can be chosen to your requirements, from the in-store samples.

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